Israel is testing Biden administration in Syria

Israel is testing Biden administration in Syria

Strikes have been directed at sites where Iranians and Hezbollah fighters are deployed.

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On Friday, Israel launched missile strikes targeting sites belonging to Syrian regime in which Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters are also deployed in Hama Governorate (central Syria). The strikes were a continuation of an escalating campaign since last year to prevent what Tel Aviv describes as "Iran's positioning" in Syria, a campaign that had US support during the administration of former President Donald Trump.

Yesterday, New Israeli attack is the first since Joe Biden moved to the White House on Wednesday, while it constitutes a "test" for position of the new US administration compared to the previous one that adopted a policy of "maximum pressure" against Iran and its arms in the region.

The official Syrian media reported that air defenses responded on Friday morning to an "Israeli aggression" in vicinity of Hama which resulted in killing of four members of one family.

A Syrian military source said that the air defense intercept the missiles and "dropped most of them."

The Syrian military source stated that the strikes resulted in death of a father and mother and their two children, while four other civilians were wounded, "in addition to destroying three houses of citizens on western edge of Hama." On the other hand, the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" gave another account of the killing of civilians. "Syrian defenses managed to shoot down a number of Israeli missiles," Rami Abdul Rahman, director of the Observatory, said, adding that "the remnants of an air defense missile landed on a house in a popular neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, killing civilians."

The "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" confirmed that a number of Israeli missiles had been shot down, but added that "the remnants of an air defense missile fell on a house in a popular neighborhood on outskirts of the city (Hama), which resulted in the deaths of civilians." And the Israeli raids resulted according to observatory destroying at least five sites belonging to the Syrian army in vicinity of Hama, where Iranian fighters and members of Lebanese Hezbollah are also present.

In previous statements, Israel considered its strikes in Syria necessary to protect its northern front from Iran. "Israel is carrying out a campaign against Iranian concentration in Syria," said Amos Yadlin (former head of Israeli military intelligence) who now runs the Institute of National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University. He added: "Those strikes won't stop just for Biden's inauguration, and I don't expect American suspicion to continue."

Israeli security tracking sites were published that the bombed targets were in protection suggesting that they were a rocket production plant. On 13 January, Israeli raids on weapons stores and military positions in eastern Syria killed at least 57 regime forces and pro-Iranian groups, the highest since Israeli strikes began in Syria.

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