Mansour Group is investing 100 million euros to create a football academy

Mansour Group is investing 100 million euros to create a football academy

A long-term partnership to support growth in the goal-oriented sport concept in world football

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"Right To Dream" Academy announced today the signing of a partnership agreement worth 100 million euros with the Mansour Group, with the aim of enhancing its presence and advancing the achievement of its goals by increasing opportunities and equality through football.

"Right To Dream" group is a global environmental system aimed at creating opportunities, from football academies, professional clubs, colleges and partner universities, and was founded by British social entrepreneur Tom Vernon, and the group intends to expand its academic model to include Egypt, by establishing a platform to explore Sports talent and development, with an emphasis on the educational path, following the example of its successful academies in Ghana and Denmark.

With this partnership, "Right to Dream" academy has witnessed many new appointments, as Mr. Mohamed Wasfi will assume the position of managing director of new academy to be opened in Egypt and Peppa Gring will assume the position of cultural head of the group permanently, while Jan Lorsen will assume the position of chairman of the board of directors. Administration of "FC Nordjärgand".

In turn, Mr. Mohamed Mansour (Chairman of Mansour Group), said: “Tom Vernon and his team in the“ Right To Dream” academy are a great source of inspiration based on the importance of the work they do and contribute to improving the quality of life for talented young people in African continent and Europe and The Americas. "Great interest in this work and I am proud of this partnership and we look forward to achieving its full goals. We are also committed to supporting the most needy communities in the African continent through our institutions and other charitable activities."

An official from the Ministry of Education stated, “The Ministry of Education sponsors the concept and idea of “Right to Dream” academy to be implemented on Egyptian soil as it paves the way for a new era for the development of sports education for our youth, in cooperation with Mansour Group, which will take great steps towards events.

Social investment developments in line with the vision and objectives of the Ministry of Education for the future of education in Egypt.

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